Attorney Adrienne Dell will fight passionately for you.

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Extremely knowledgeable defense attorney with lots of experience. Former public defender with lots of compassion. A true advocate. No pushover

-Mitchell W. 

Adrienne is my go to attorney. She is a veteran attorney who has not lost her warmth and compassion. I would trust her with my life.

-Chrissi S. 

Adrienne Dell. I was recommended by two people to hire her. In fact, I called several lawyers regarding my case and she was the only one that answered and heard my case. Now that I think about it, all those lawyers still haven’t called me back. I left California and moved out of state. At that time I was on probation. I was on probation for years and consistently violating prior to my move. I had been arrested in my current state but California did not want to extradite me. 6 years later, I contacted Adrienne. She went to court for me. The results, my warrant was dropped and Probation department suspended my probation. She’s amazing. She got me a court date 30 days after I hired her. Which was awesome because the courts are behind due to Covid-19. She always made herself available to me and dealt with all my anxieties. She’s a rockstar!!! Thank you Adrienne you changed my life.