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Take The Necessary Steps To Protect Your Child After An Accusation Or Arrest

No parent wants to hear that their child has been detained or arrested for doing something illegal. Fortunately, there are steps that you, as a parent or guardian, can take to protect your minor child.

Law Office of Adrienne Dell offers guidance to your family. Ms. Dell will help you effectively navigate the California juvenile justice system. She will work to make sure that whenever and however possible, your child does not go to into custody.

Juvenile Cases Are Handled Differently

An attorney is critical in preserving your child’s rights. Navigation of the juvenile justice system can be more complex than adult court, as there are more options for minors accused of crimes. Depending upon the nature of the offense(s), your child could be eligible for the “Restorative Justice” program, which removes the court from the rehabilitation process or “Diversion” which minimally involves the court system. If those programs are not available, your attorney cam still support the rehabilitative process for your child with recommendations from doctors, therapists, teachers, etc.

Attorney Adrienne Dell has over three decades of criminal defense experience. She understands the  juvenile justice system and how to get the very best result for your child. It is important to act quickly in these matters and obtain immediate counsel.

Guidance, Support And Representation In A Number Of Matters

Ms. Dell knows that tweens and teens are susceptible to peer pressure and are biologically and developmentally prone to impulsive behavior. One mistake should not haunt your child forever. As an attorney well-versed in criminal law matters, Ms. Dell can help with many issues, including:

  • Underage drinking, fake ID and driving while under the influence
  • Shoplifting and theft, including car theft
  • Loitering and trespass including on school grounds, parks, shopping malls and curfew violations
  • Property crimes, including vandalism and graffiti
  • Drug charges of all kinds including marijuana
  • Internet crimes, including hacking, fraud and other cybercrimes
  • Assault, and assault with a weapon
  • Gang-related crimes, including manslaughter and murder

Ms. Dell understands that time is of the essence in these cases, and that your child’s future is on the line. She works diligently and with compassion to ensure that at each step of the way, your child is protected.

Work With An Attorney Who Is Invested In Your Child’s Future

Few attorneys are as passionate about juvenile justice as Adrienne Dell. Call 408-217-2575 for a free initial consultation to find out more. You can also reach out to Ms. Dell via website contact email.