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Getting Effective Criminal Defense Means Painting A Complete Picture

A criminal charge is only one part of the story. Just because you were charged with a crime does not mean that you are guilty. In fact, in many cases, the prosecution seeks to make one side of the story the only story.

After decades of being a successful California criminal defense attorney, Ms. Adrienne Dell knows that your side of the story is important. A judge or a jury need to be able to see the whole event from both sides in order to fully understand it. Make sure your story is heard. Call 408-217-2575 and request a consultation at her San Jose office or at a location convenient for you.

Exploring Favorable Outcomes In Many Types Of Charges

As a well seasoned San Jose criminal defense attorney, Ms. Dell knows that skillful negotiations can often mitigate negative outcomes. In some cases, charges can be reduced or dismissed and jail or prison time can be avoided. Creative alternative sentencing such as mental health treatment and drug or alcohol counseling are real possibilities. Ms. Dell assists with any and all criminal cases including:

Because so much is at stake in a criminal charge, it is important to work with an attorney who has a proven record of success. Ms. Dell believes that you are more than a case number. She believes in full advocacy for her clients. This means she shows up. She will be there for you when you need someone to sit with you. She will be there for you in the courtroom and outside the courtroom. As your attorney, she is dedicated to you. Read what her clients have said about her.

Get Personal Dedication And Advocacy

The accused needs someone who understands how the justice system works and knows the local judges and prosecutors. Sometimes the best attorney is the one who sincerely believes in you. Attorney Adrienne Dell is here for you. Call 408-217-2575 and schedule a consultation. You can also reach Law Office of Adrienne Dell via website contact email.