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Defending Yourself From Gang-Related Charges

People who join a gang may not understand the consequences of that kind of criminal activity. If you face gang-related charges, you are likely facing time behind bars and considerable fines, along with incidental consequences like challenges earning employment after conviction or obtaining home and education loans. You can fight these charges with the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Adrienne Dell has been helping clients fight gang charges and enhancements for more than 35 years. From her San Jose office of the Law Office of Adrienne Dell, she takes the time to help clients overcome the most challenging criminal defense cases.

Extensive Knowledge Of The Law

Committing a crime as a member of a gang can have much more severe consequences than doing so as an individual. In some situations, a gang-related crime can result in a life sentence in state prison.

One of the most common types of gang-related charges is gun charges. These charges, if at a felony level, can result in up to 20 years in prison or more. Other charges that attorney Dell can assist you with include:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Drug charges
  • Robbery and burglary
  • Vehicle theft

Most people facing these kinds of charges have their whole lives ahead of them. Attorney Dell fights to help them beat their charges through aggressive litigation and negotiation to help them maintain control of their future.

She also takes the time to sit with her clients and develop a custom-tailored strategy to defend them by gaining a thorough understanding of their unique situation. From finding ways to prove police error to negotiating for reduced charges and sentencing, attorney Dell looks into every viable solution for her clients.

Fight For Your Future

Attorney Dell makes it her priority to stay on top of criminal defense laws to benefit her clients, and she is ready to turn her experience and knowledge into your defense advantage. If you are facing gang-related charges, contact the Law Office of Adrienne Dell to schedule your initial consultation today. Call 408-217-2575 or send an email to meet with an attorney with decades of experience ready to work for you.