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Pathways To Relief After A Conviction

Upon successful completion of the terms and conditions of probation, an individual is potentially entitled to petition the court to reduce felony charges to misdemeanors and clear or expunge the conviction from their record. Our office will do the required work to make sure that all appropriate motions are filed in order to have all legally available remedies granted.

At Law Office of Adrienne Dell, you can find reliable guidance as you are pursuing an expungement. Attorney Adrienne Dell has been practicing law in California for more than 35 years and is proud to help her clients secure the outcome they deserve in their criminal law needs.

Guidance Through Your Expungement Needs

Any individual who completes the terms of either felony or misdemeanor probation, including the payment of all fees and fines, without a violation is legally entitled to an expungement. A court can use its discretion in granting a request for expungement for any individual who has completed probation but has had violations during the course of probation. Attorney Dell has been very successful in persuading the court to grant Motions to Expunge because of the individual attention that she puts into each motion.

If an individual is charged with a “wobbler” offense, the charges can be reduced to misdemeanors, prior to record expungement. A “wobbler” offense is a crime that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If the charge is a “non-alternative” felony, reduction of the charges to a misdemeanor is not possible. While reduction of the charge is not available in the above-mentioned situation, clearance is.

With very few exceptions, once expungement has been granted, convictions do not need to be disclosed to employers.

You may have already experienced the negative repercussions of a criminal record and realize the value of a clean record. Are you a candidate for expungement of past convictions? Asking this question is an important first step toward creating a better future for yourself after a criminal conviction for any type of crime, including:

  • Drunk driving
  • Drug possession or distribution
  • Assault, domestic violence or any violent crime
  • A sex crime or even murder

Relief From Sex Offender Registry Requirements

Being convicted of a sex crime normally means that you will be required to register as a sex offender within a limited time frame after your conviction and then again each time you move to a new address. You may be banned from living near a park or school. Failing to comply with registration requirements can result in a jail sentence. If you are accused of this type of violation, consult with attorney Dell to determine whether you have grounds for an appeal.

Under certain circumstances, you may seek relief after a sex crime conviction results in sex offender registration requirements. If you have been listed on the Megan’s Law website, the state’s internet-based list of sex offenders, you may petition for removal from that website after submitting a certificate of rehabilitation. As of Jan. 1, 2021, certain offenders may petition for removal from the sex registration system after successful completion of 10 or 20 years of probation, depending on the severity of the sex crime. More serious offenses may still require lifetime registration. Ask attorney Dell how to pursue the best outcome available in your case.

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