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When An Argument At Home Takes A Turn

Every one of us has gotten into an argument with someone close to us. Many things can cause tempers to flare. But when the argument ends in a domestic violence charge, it’s time to seek professional legal counsel. Law Office of Adrienne Dell has earned a reputation for excellence in San Jose criminal defense. She understands that a criminal charge is only half the story. She works to ensure that your side of the story is also understood so that a judge or jury are not basing their findings on partial facts. Call 408-217-2575 to speak with Ms. Dell about your situation.

Why It’s Important To Defend Against Domestic Violence Charges

A domestic violence charge can result if there is a dispute between family members or intimate/formerly intimate partners. Often times, police are called in the heat of anger and events are exaggerated when related to law enforcement. The complaining witness often wants charges to be dropped. Sometimes, the victim becomes the accused. It is always in your best interest to seek the guidance and representation of an attorney in order to see that your rights are protected and that appropriate actions are taken.

The reason to have representation is that a domestic violence conviction has long-lasting implications. You may be required to attend a year of counseling and anger management or parenting classes. A protective order can make it difficult or impossible for you to enter your home or see your children. Additionally, you will have a criminal record and not be able to carry or own a firearm, even if that is required for your job. A criminal record can also affect your career, where you aren’t able to get housing or are denied future opportunities.

Act Sooner Rather Than Later When Facing Charges

It can be difficult to know what to do or say when you have been charged with domestic violence. This is why getting legal representation as soon as you can is so important. Call attorney Adrienne Dell at 408-217-2575 and set up a consultation to find out how she can help. She will let you know what to do next, as well as what not to do to protect your rights. You can also reach the firm by sending an inquiry email. Ms. Dell serves clients throughout Santa Clara County.