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Has California overcome its issues with police brutality?

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Many people who are attracted to work in law enforcement want to protect and serve the members of their communities. They always dreamed of being the hero who intervenes to save someone from a criminal and aspire to promote a more just society. Other people may have more questionable motives behind their decision to becoming police officers, including a personal sense of inferiority or a desire for power.

Despite psychological screening and mandatory training, sometimes the wrong people secure jobs in law enforcement in California. Individuals with deep-seated conscious or subconscious biases, for example, might treat members of other races far more harshly than they treat members of their own race. Someone with a history of trauma on the job might overreact during an interaction with the number of the public and become overly aggressive.

Police brutality remains a widespread problem in California

According to recent research, roughly 195 people in California every year lose their lives due to the excessive use of force during encounters with law enforcement professionals. Many more suffer physical injuries, some of which may have permanent implications for an individual’s quality of life and employability. There’s also the psychological trauma of such incidents to consider.

The unfortunate truth is that some officers let their emotions get the better of them while they are on the job. Some police officers might use too much force because they become frightened for their own safety during an interaction with a member of the public. Others might let their anger take over when someone refuses to follow instructions or talks to them in what they consider a disrespectful manner.

Police brutality in California can sometimes lead to legal action against an individual police officer or a police department. Individuals affected by the misconduct of those working on behalf of the state to enforce the law may be able to secure compensation for the losses they suffered because of that encounter. A successful lawsuit can also prompt reform efforts to change how police officers handle certain situations.

Given the complexities at issue and the consequential nature of an individual’s circumstances, discussing a brutality-related scenario with a skilled legal team is generally the best way to chart an effective way forward in the wake of such harm.