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What happens to families whose children face juvenile charges?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Juvenile Crimes |

Understandably, some California parents deal with a lot of stress after learning that their children are facing juvenile charges. If this situation happens, it’s helpful to understand what other parents experience during this time. Here’s a closer look at what happens to the family.

Loss of contact

One of the obvious hardships of having family members behind bars is losing contact with them. It’s possible to have scheduled visits with a child who is incarcerated. However, the daily interactions or being able to talk to your child at any time ends while they’re in jail. This also causes a lot of sadness for families when they can’t see their children during holidays and other important events.

Rules don’t only affect children behind bars

Inmates aren’t the only ones who have to follow rules, especially within the walls of a jail or prison. It’s not uncommon for a visitor to unknowingly violate one or several rules of these centers, including wearing the wrong attire or accidentally bringing in something qualifying as contraband. These situations can cause a law enforcement official to cancel a visit, placing more of a strain on families and inmates.

Financial burden

It’s also important to consider the financial burden that juvenile crimes can place on families of those found guilty. Many of these families who are facing financial challenges must put what spare money they have aside to defend their imprisoned child. This can leave these same families nearly penniless.

In conclusion, there are many burdens placed on families when one of their children faces juvenile charges. This is why families tend to do everything within their reach to prevent one of their children from going to jail or prison.