Inquire Here For Help Seeking An Expungement

You may have already experienced the negative repercussions of a criminal record and realize the value of a clean record. Are you a candidate for expungement of past convictions? Asking this question is an important first step toward creating a better future for yourself after a criminal conviction for any type of crime, including:

Explore Your Options For Criminal Records Expungement

If you are looking for the best way to clear your criminal record, another critically important step is a careful review of all prior convictions, including the circumstances of the arrests. There may be good reasons to petition for new trials in some cases. An experienced, active and persevering defense attorney can help you consider all options available by law. San Jose defense lawyer Adrienne Dell can help you explore all avenues that may open the door to expungement of your record.

Benefits Of An Expungement

If the facts warrant it, attorney Adrienne Dell can petition the San Jose Superior Court on your behalf to have your past convictions expunged. A successful expungement will mean you can thereafter state that you have never been convicted of a criminal offense.

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