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Being charged with a crime is a challenge like no other in this life. In the short term, you likely have fear, disruption and uncertainty to cope with. Urgent questions such as, "Will I go to jail?" lead to other, more long-term concerns, such as, "How will a criminal record affect my future?" As tough as a jail sentence can be, the loss of options in many areas of life after release from jail or prison is the harshest penalty of all for many people. A conviction often causes lasting career problems and a loss of freedom to carry a gun or vote after a felony conviction.

Confront The Challenges Of Criminal Law In San Jose, California, With An Experienced Advocate On Your Side

The Law Office of Adrienne Dell is here for you when you're facing misdemeanor or criminal charges in or near San Jose on allegations of:

  • DUI/DWI: A drunk driving record can damage your record for years to come.
  • Drug crimes: Get legal counsel right away even if an investigation is ongoing.
  • A theft crime: You may have more options than you think after an arrest.
  • A violent crime: Were you charged with assault, a sex crime or murder?
  • A juvenile crime: Your teenage son or daughter should have a promising future.

With more than 30 years of experience practicing criminal law in the state of California, Ms. Dell is prepared to work hard on your behalf in and out of court. Are you under investigation but have not been arrested or charged? Ms. Dell has achieved many favorable outcomes avoiding harsh penalties for previous clients through strategic prefiling negotiations.

If You Have Been Arrested, Charged Or Convicted

When you choose the Law Office of Adrienne Dell to take on your case, we'll give you the personal attention you deserve. We'll review the evidence of the pending charges, and we'll also use our own investigators as needed. Our attorney may be able to have the charges reduced. Your goals to avoid jail time and prevent a damaging criminal record will be at the heart of our advocacy on your behalf.

Also Ready To Fight For You In Less Severe Criminal Matters

Perhaps your driver's license has been suspended because of a DUI, failure to pay parking tickets, an arrearage in child support payments or failure to pay on a prior judgment in a civil case. The Law Office of Adrienne Dell can explore alternatives in pursuit of the relief you need. Loss of driving privileges may threaten your freedom and livelihood.

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We have competitive rates, and we offer flexible appointment scheduling. Give us a call today at 408-899-8938 if you need a lawyer with extensive criminal defense experience in the Greater San Jose area. Inquire about sentencing alternatives, expungements, probation or any criminal-related legal issue.